PNOE (Portable Metabolic Analyzer)

The Portable Metabolic Analyzer, also known as PNOE, offers superior information analysis by measuring breath by breath data to enable subjects to rapidly analyze all aspects of a cardio-metabolic test, at no additional cost. The analysis conducted by our backend system scans 8 key areas of human physiology and provides workout recommendations based on the subject’s fitness goal and deficiencies. This analyzer has been designed for fitness purposes, utilizing the gold standard method for accurate ergo spirometry.


FMS is our tool for standardized movement screening to observe how an individual moves in everyday life, regardless of their age.

It takes into account both mobility and stability, and equips professionals with key information to make purposeful programming decisions with precision.

With FMS, you will have a better understanding of your body’s readiness to engage in any activity before you actually do it, which enables you to avoid injury altogether.


Scraping is a manual therapy technique that improves blood flow, range of motion, and speeds up recovery times from injuries. Scraping may be used as well to prevent overtraining injuries or overloading muscles & joints.


In dry needling, needles are used to defuse local muscular pain and improve muscular function by enabling muscles to regain their ability to lengthen and shorten. The needle is usually inserted into a myofascial trigger point, stimulating blood circulation in designated areas.


Dry Cupping increases blood flow in the area where the cups are placed. This may relieve muscle tension and stiffness, which can also improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. Moreover, the Dry Cupping technique can help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue.


This non-invasive treatment addresses the root cause of pain through the application of specific discs and without the use of drugs, delivering rapid pain relief in just 5 to 20 minutes. In ANF, we use over 317 different discs, each having a unique frequency. We can also combine different discs to normalize body functions. So, how does this therapy work? Once we’ve placed the discs on the subject’s skin, the heat generated by the body will instantly activate them, releasing frequencies that are stored in the carbonized metal that these discs are made of. These frequencies are already used by the body itself to function, so the discs only restore them. The ANF Therapy does not require the use of needles or drugs, and the discs do not contain or release any substance which can harm the body.


Light Therapy has been shown to be effective in treating chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, fibromyalgia, and migraines, as well as injuries like bursitis, tendinitis, tennis elbow, and all types of sports injuries or inflammatory issues. Patients have even reported quick and easy improvements when applying Light Therapy to skin conditions, including severe sunburns and third-degree burns. The main benefits of Light Therapy are:

- Reducing inflammation

- Maintaining healthy skin and mood 

- Boosting performance and recovery

- Optimizing sleep


Super-oxygenation has become a widely popular practice in recent years, especially among junior and star athletes who are seeing benefits beyond comparison. Oxygen Training has also been adopted by physicians and Super Regeneration Centers worldwide for it helps you:

- Recover from fatigue 

- Improve mental focus and clarity

- Reduce overall inflammation

- Optimize your immune system


PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology has been more researched by NASA and doctors than just about any other available technology out there. Some are immensely powerful and others very subtle. In general, PEMF is utilized for recent injuries to:

- Accelerate healing

- Reduce pain and the effects of stress on the body

- Reduce chronic inflammation

- Improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification, and the ability to regenerate cells.


Groundbreaking cryotherapy technology is now at your reach! Regular Whole-Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a technique that immerses the body in extremely cold nitrogen vapor for 3 minutes. The individual steps into an enclosed chamber leaving his head out. The chamber temperature suddenly drops to between - 156 and - 196°C. The individual stays in these ultra-low temperatures for 3 to 4 minutes, only to reap many health benefits afterwards. To maximize cryotherapy effects, we, at MAD, have acquired the next generation of Thermal Contrast Cryotherapy devices which expose the body to extreme high temperatures before immediately shocking the system with extreme low temperatures. Expected results include:

- Burning off calories

- Speeding up the recovery process

- Reducing cellulite

- Improving skin quality

- Eliminating toxins

- Regulating cell oxygenation


The Cryo Slimming technique represents an innovative approach in treating cellulite and removing undesired, stubborn fat from specific body parts. By exposing the body to alternating hot and cold temperatures via the device’s applicator, Cryo Slimming destroys fat cells and increases skin collagen production during each session, while preserving surrounding non-fat tissue for a more visible firming effect. Cryo Slimming is also known for its many positive effects on the health and appearance of all types of skins, which makes it popular among men and women looking to prevent skin-aging signs. Used in facials, this technique: 

- Improves blood and lymphatic flow

- Increases collagen and elastin production

- Triggers skin and tissue metabolism

- Ensures a tighter, more youthful looking skin